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We are focused on interim senior finance hires into high growth, high potential businesses. Our clients are pushing the boundaries, creating value, innovating. Moving at the speed they do, they need an extra injection of firepower from time to time and we are here to provide the solution.


BVCA High Growth Conference 20th June 2017

We are always pleased to work with the BVCA and sponsor the Annual Gala Dinner with them every year in December. We also worked with them recently at the High Growth Conference on 20th June 2017, hosting a Round Table session for which we produced a research paper focusing on recruiting the right Chairman and CFO into a scaling business. For more information on this contact Sarah or Cindy.


Hard data or virtual reality?

If this decade ought to be remembered for anything in business, it’s data. Big Data. Data Analytics. Data privacy and data security. Fuzzy data, unstructured data, data mining. We’re at the point when every senior job...

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BATNA down the hatches

If nothing else, the politics of our time are an object lesson in leadership. Is Trump a great leader because he managed to win an election on (most would argue) racist hot air and pandering to some notional desire to...

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History & Sister Brands

EquityInterim is a sister brand of EquityFD. Established in 2000, EquityFD focuses on CFO and FD recruitment and together with EquityFC (Financial Controller Recruitment) and EquityChair (Chairman and NED recruitment) the businesses work together across a common, high growth client base. They are united in their focus on building real networks of value creating professionals.

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